National standardization

INTECO as the National Standards Body

INTECO has been declared as an institution of public interest. The Technical Standards Institute of Costa Rica was created over 30 years ago, and serves as the National Standards Body. It has contributed over 1800 technical standards and has the proper conditions to support any necessary certification required to improve the country’s competitiveness.

Since 1994, INTECO represents ISO in Costa Rica. As full member, it influences ISO standards development and strategy by participating and voting in ISO technical and policy meetings. This allows INTECO to adopt and sell ISO standards exclusively.

INTECO readily and currently participates in several ISO international committees. Details can be found here.

ISO Council

Since 2018, INTECO holds one of the 20 seats at the ISO Council.

This benefits the country by strengthening the national standards body, the development of its knowledge and image, as well as generating greater opportunities and tools that benefit different stakeholders.

Public consultation standards

Public consultation is key in creating a national standard. Therefore it is crucial in accessing and engaging in standards at the beginning of the drafting stage, as well as having the possibility of submitting comments and suggestions to truly reflect the position of the country in the standard.

Standard drafts, in general, have a consultation period of 60 natural days. To access drafts and submit observations to a draft, please write to and submit any relevant comments by completing the form provided.

We invite you to know:

INTECO informs its members and the general public about the publication of the technical standards monthly. For any questions about the process of development and sale of standards you can leave a message here or send an email to