The Technical Standards Institute of Costa Rica (INTECO), has over 30 years of worldwide experience.
INTECO is a technical, independent, representative and ideal institution that:
- Develops technical standards
- Certifies products, processes, services and individuals
- Provides training

INTECO represents ISO in Costa Rica and we are members of the largest certification network of the world: IQNet.

Technical standards

Standards are voluntary published documents that set out specifications, requirements, guidelines, procedures or characteristics that aim to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistent.

It provides organizations with a group of tools with the potential of providing greater performance and competitiveness.

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Certifications and Verification

Certifications constitute an effective instrument for consumer defense and fair competition among organizations.

Systematic process where a comparison is made of a set of information that describes the state of a situation, shows the truth in a truthful, reliable and traceable way.

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Technical improvement and human resource training that contributes towards the improvement of competitiveness of organizations through the exchange of knowledge

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Implications and interpretation - Quality management systems

INTE/ISO 9001:2015

Dates: M-25, T-26, W-27, Th-28 January


Root cause analysis


Dates: T-02, W-03, Th-04, F-05 February


Implications and interpretation - Medical devices

INTE/ISO 13485:2016

Dates: T-02, W-03, Th-04, F-05 February